Behold a Pale Lincoln


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Abraxas Jinx
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Abraxas Jinx A dredge rock slug of cobra venom.
Steve Rodger
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Steve Rodger There's no point in regretting having slept on stuff just rejoice it's here now and enjoy .. Excellent Favorite track: The Proposition.
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released January 9, 2015



all rights reserved


MANTLE Durham, North Carolina

Mantle tells the story of two brothers born into the Mare Imbrium mining colony on the moon.

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Track Name: The Mines of Mare Imbrium
no night. no day. only hot and cold. only hot and cold. doing what we're told. night and day. a stone with no light its own. no rights. no say. only work the mines. only work the mines. no concept of time. til we die. a stone with no light of its own. a wasteland we call home.
Track Name: The Death of Buck Mantle
swing. lift. sweat. bleed. dig. swing. lift. sweat. bleed. detonation's the only way we can breach the mine. units. wires. plastics. timers. check. miscalculation. the mine is caving in.
run away from the blast in any direction. burning lungs choking air. falling rocks no protection. crushing weight. crushing weight.
my brother's dead. now everything is a crushing weight.
body gone. time done. nothing left. crushing weight.
Track Name: The First
what have we here? new name new face? open your mouth. state your case.
i worked the mines of the earth's moon. the walls collapsed. sealing my tomb. now let no lies slip from your lips. who are you? where is this?
what makes you think you could understand anything about the world of the damned? i'm the one who was found here first. welcome to the center of the earth.
Track Name: The Rescue Mission
one way or another the blue planet awaits. i've got to find my brother. there can be no mistakes. if i still have my breath i can bring him back. but if this is my death then we'll both be trapped.
it's a lincoln town car with a drill on the front. full speed at the crater.use the wall to jump. you sexy motherfucker. you know you got this.
crash land with two tons of fuck you. i'll rip this planet in half if i have to. don't care what i destroy drilling. i've got to reach the core if it kills me.
Track Name: The Proposition
your flesh is unscathed. you wear no chains. in the land of the dead your life remains. what do you want? what have you to give?
i'm here for him.
i want to live.
no. no. no. no. you cannot leave. no. he is not free. no. take me. go. unto the edge. go. where time resets. go. the black hole defeats death.
i've heard it whispered in words no longer spoken at the furthest reaches a door remains open. across the threshold is a second chance to build the future with your own hands. you two give me access to what i've been denied. a soul that is living and a soul that has died. that's what is required to offset the portal. if you can get us there i'll make you both immortal. what say you brothers?
Track Name: The Ride For Justice
what will you have us believe? will none survive?
remember where you came from. would you call that life?
what will you have us believe? tell us the truth.
do not test my patience boy. i'm paying you to drive motherfucker.
i ride for all who suffer under this endless reign. no love. no beauty, knowing only death and pain. the prison i never wanted no longer the king. to the black hole ride for justice. hear the punished sing.
we shall be redeemed.
we shall be redeemed.
reset everything.